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Strega Actuators Drip Irrigation

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2022 USE CASE STREGA Smart Valve Actuators for lower drip irrigation costs and water consumption MAKING DRIP IRRIGATION MORE RELIABLE WITH LoRaWAN ® As any farmer can tell you, keeping drip irrigation in optimum working order is a real challenge. Exposed communication wires wear quickly and are often chewed by livestock and rodents. This makes drip irrigation unreliable, increases maintenance costs and can lead to damaged crops. The solution is to use STREGA time-controlled wireless Smart Valve Actuators, with inbuilt LoRaWAN ® technology. Placed strategically across the farm, they enable the farmer to control and program drip irrigation schedules from a smartphone or tablet, without any need for wiring. The solution is used on a range of farms in Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand. BETTER CONTROL AND LOWER COSTS STREGA's LoRaWAN ® -enabled Smart Valve Actuators do not just open and close valves. They can also be connected to pumps and power generators to operate pumps at the right moment, pressurize pipes when required and start and stop power generators as needed – which can lower energy consumption. This means the farmer can accurately control irrigation requirements, as well as energy use, without the time- consuming and costly maintenance of wired solutions. SAVING WATER One of the most common problems with farm irrigation systems is related to scheduling. Running the irrigation cycle for too long damages crops and wastes water; not running the irrigation cycle for long enough can reduce yields and lower crop quality. The STREGA Smart Valve Actuator uses LoRaWAN ® technology to solve this challenge. WIDE USAGE AREA WITH LoRaWAN ® For the Smart Valve Actuators to work successfully, they need to be able to operate wirelessly over long distances. This is where LoRaWAN ® comes in. The extreme range and exceptional obstacle penetration of LoRaWAN ® enables the Smart Valve Actuators to work on the most challenging topography – even in urban areas. Smart Agriculture EMEA Device STREGA Technologies Tel: +32 475 75 84 54 Email: HELLO@STREGATECHNOLOGIES.COM

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