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B V O V : 1 1 They've been waking up to that kind of vision pretty much every morning for the past 47 years—ever since they first went to work for Terri's family at Kenneth Copeland Ministries. And over the years they've found that, while huge parts of the vision have become a reality, instead of getting smaller it keeps expanding. So does their to-do list. These days, not only do the Pearsons pastor Eagle Mountain International Church on the grounds of KCM, but Pastor George serves as KCM's Chief Executive O…cer, and Pastor Terri as Chief Visionary O…cer. In January 2017, when they took on the roles of CEO and chief visionary o…cer, Brother Copeland had just received two words of instruction from the Lord concerning KCM. One of those instructions was to get your house in order. In other words, get every part of the ministry, its property and facilities in top shape. The second instruction was to bring the sta's of KCM and EMIC together as one. They were no longer to function as di'erent branches of the ministry. Instead, they were to be brought together as one—under the leadership of one man, George Pearsons. As Pastor George acknowledges, taking on those two mandates in addition to his true passion, pastoring and pursuing KCM's mission to get the uncompromised Word of God to people around the world, was a lot to take on. "People ask us, 'How do you do this?'" he says. "'How do you handle the enormity of the ministry and the vision?'" His answer is simple: "First, we have the Anointing of God that makes everything easier. And second, we've had the opportunity to grow up in it. That's really helped because operating in the anointing is like playing an instrument. You learn and get better with practice." by Gina Lynnes How much practice have George and Terri Pearsons had? Working with a visionary and prophet like Brother Copeland, they've had plenty. According to Pastor Terri, "It's been this way since 1976 for us: Dad will come in and say we're going on television…or we're going to have international o…ces…or we're going on every available voice. There's no paragraph. It's just sentences. Then, 'Thank you very much. You're dismissed.' "From the moment we stepped into this, our job has been to put meat on the bones of those sentences. So, although the scope of what we do has changed and broadened, our basic job is still the same—only bigger. Now, it's not just how do you eat the elephant one bite at a time, but at which end do you start?" From Getting Started To Going Full Speed Ahead The week Pastor George became CEO, the Lord directed him to start by bringing the KCM/EMIC sta's together for weekly sta' chapels. "He told me to rally the troops. Communicate the vision. Build their faith to believe for and receive the finances for that vision and to meet their own needs." Pastor George started conducting chapel services immediately, and in the six years that have passed since then, what's happened has been nothing short of supernatural. "We've been amazed," he says. "Certainly, Terri and I have done our best to help bring everybody together, but what's happened is beyond anything we could have done. It's a work of God. Increasingly all of us—the church, the Bible college (Kenneth Copeland Bible College ® ), VICTORY Channel ™ and all the various departments of KCM—are working together as one and seeing great results. We're exploding in outreach and in the acceleration of being able to accomplish what We have 15 major projects going right now. Ranging from improving existing facilities and building new ones...they're all designed to set us up to go boldly into the future.

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