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must and keep believing and declaring God's WORD until the force of faith finishes its job and the pain disappears. It's worth the e•ort. I can assure you from personal experience. Not only did I get healed from the pain that hit my leg that time in Shreveport (which I realized later was probably the result of a blood clot), I've been healed by faith in The WORD many other times as well. Once, late at night, I was walking across our living room in the dark without my shoes on and rammed my left foot into a big ottoman. I heard a loud pop and knew I'd broken my toe. Although I immediately claimed my healing, when I went to bed that night, my toe was so tender that even the weight of the sheet hurt it. The next morning, as soon as I opened my eyes, the devil was right there waiting for me. "Your toe isn't healed!" he said. "Look at it and you'll see, it's all black." "What do I care if it's black?" I replied. "I have some very good friends whose toes are black all the time. So I am not looking at that toe." Hobbling over to the dresser, I got my socks out of the drawer. I put one on my right foot, then closed my eyes and put the other sock on the left foot. Afterward, I hobbled into the kitchen where Gloria was preparing breakfast. She saw me limping but didn't say a word about it. We exchanged good mornings, and I said, "Gloria, I want you to agree with me that I'm healed. Last night, I kicked that big green footstool in the living room and broke my toe." She responded by reaching over and laying her hand on me. "Well, you're healed!" she replied. That morning I had an appointment to talk to a man about an airplane I was planning to buy. So after breakfast I drove out to the airport and hobbled up to the receptionist's desk. "Is Mr. Spinks in, please?" I asked. The receptionist said she'd get him and then nodded toward my foot and asked me what happened. I replied, "I broke my toe last night, but Jesus said in Mark 11:24, 'Whatever you desire when you pray, believe you receive it and you will have it.' So, I prayed and—praise God!—I want you to know I am healed!" By that time, she'd already backed o• a few steps. So I went on in to see Mr. Spinks. Once we finalized the deal on the airplane, I drove around behind the hanger where the plane was sitting, and when I stepped out of the car, my foot felt fine. I turned it first one way and then the other and the pain in my toe was gone. When I looked at it later, it was still black and blue, but it was healed. That's how you take God's healing prescription and put the force of faith to work in your life! "Faith is the force that gave birth to this natural world. So it can change or overcome anything in it." B V O V : 9 1 In the natural, we think about nuclear power being great, but faith power is far greater. (1 Jn. 5:4) 2 God's faith system operates the same way in every area. (Rom. 10:10) 3 The Greek word sozo, which is translated save in save in save English, speaks of healing as well as the new birth. (Jas. 5:15) 4 Healing is so much a part of who God is that He identifies Himself in Scripture as The LORD who heals you. (Ex. 15:26) 5 Faith comes by hearing God's WORD, and God's WORD is powerful medicine when you take it as prescribed. (Prov. 4:20–22) POINTS TO GET YOU THERE:

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