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Dos Don’ts Tips for Signing Your Deal

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F&I – Digital Contracting & Signing ® T he Po we r of One | Co x Aut omotiv e • Use the latest browser version of Chrome, Safari or Edge to pair devices. • You can pair using multiple devices (desktops, laptops, iPads and Android tablets). • Click Unpair to easily remove any device. • Successful waiting screen means that device pairing was successful. If you see an error message that you could not pair OR an error starting the pairing process: 1. Check the pairing code. 2. If pairing code is correct, click the Pair button again. 3. If issue persists, hard refresh the browser: • Chrome and IE: Hold CTRL and click Refresh. • Firefox: Hold CTRL + Shift and click Refresh. Use valid Dealertrack credentials: • Log into on a touchscreen device. • Go to Preferences > Device Pairing > This Device. • Pair or Unpair at any time. Sign the following forms: • Digital Contracting • Credit Application, Credit Bureau Authorization and Privacy Notices • Aftermarket contracts • Any documents uploaded using Ready Sign • Dealertrack DMS laser forms • Use the latest version of Chrome, Safari, Edge or Firefox. • Buyers can sign documents on desktops, laptops, tablets and even their mobile phones. Dealer can: • Click Sign Documents button, select Sign Remotely then select the signer. • Send signing session as many times as needed for a deal (one charge per transaction). • Edit mobile phone number and email address. • Enter mobile number and email address once to pre-populate for later deals. • Add documents to a deal even if signing was already completed. • Click Sign with this device to sign on your desktop. Buyer can: • Click Review & eSign Documents with link. • Complete multi-factor authentication and sign. • Download and review documents before and after signing (within 30 days). • DO NOT send a signing session to a paired device with a green dot next to a device name. This means a signing session is already in progress. • DO NOT use numbers, special characters (@#$%&*) or apostrophes when naming devices. • DO NOT clear the cache, as this will unpair a device. • DO NOT remain logged into Dealertrack on the tablet after pairing. • DO NOT use the same mobile numbers and email addresses for different signers; they must be unique to each signer. • DO NOT click outside of the remote sign pop-up or you will need to re-enter the data. • Pair your in-store device at the beginning of the day to have it ready to hand to a customer for signing. • If a paired device is turned off or goes to sleep, it will remain paired. • Bookmark the dealers URL after pairing to make it easy to find again: • Set pop-up blocker to allow pop-ups. • If Buyer(s) do not receive email(s), have them check their spam folder. • Buyer(s) have 30 days to download signed documents received at their email address. Dos, Don'ts and Tips for Signing Your Deal DEVICE PAIRING IN-STORE SIGNING REMOTE SIGNING DON'Ts TIPS DOs

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