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Kahua | 1 Minority Participation Tracking App For more than 50 years, government-backed incentives to support the success of minority-owned businesses have helped create more of a level playing field for companies that face unique challenges. These enterprises, collectively known as "xBEs", include those at least 51% owned by minorities, women, veterans and the disabled. Many construction projects – particularly those in the government, education and healthcare fields – require that maximum efforts be made to include certified xBE vendors, and documentation must be provided to prove this is being done. But how can owners and general contractors working on large construction projects effectively track the business they're doing with xBEs? In the past, spreadsheets populated with manually input data from procurement, project management and accounting have been the only course. That cumbersome, inefficient method can now be replaced with the new Minority Tracking App for Kahua users. This app certifies and tracks xBE participation in capital projects by utilizing the powerful features in Kahua to manage costs for clients' funding and expense requirements to drive accountability and reporting with minimal additional effort. Validates appropriate vendors through a certification process; some vendors have more than one certification. Tracks vendor transactions by using cost functions such as contracts, change orders and invoices; once vendors are connected to pay apps and contracts, tracking is easy. Measures participation with a high degree of accuracy; leveraging the power of data on the Kahua platform creates confidence in reporting. Notifies when diversity threshold requirements are not being met so corrective action can be taken. Effectively reports to outside agencies the current minority participation to meet regulatory. • • • • • Learn more how this app can alleviate your xBE tracking struggles. What the Minority Tracking App does: OCT 2023

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