Bringing Project Data Together for Actionable Insights

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Kahua | 01 Bringing Project Data Together for Actionable Insights Transparency Single Source of Truth Information sharing and data analysis are critical components of successful project management and delivery. By harnessing the power of your data, you will make informed decisions, identify critical patterns in your programs, and improve forecasting. Kahua's customizable reports and interactive dashboards will transform "complexity" into "clarity" across all your projects in one place. With custom fields, calculations, styles, and colors, Kahua makes it easy to standardize key project data across your entire organization and deliver transparency to key stakeholders. Regardless of the project type or personnel role, users need specific information to work smarter. With Kahua, move seamlessly between high-level insights to specific details with interactive drilldowns giving all project stakeholders the exact information they need in real-time. Capture all your project and program data in one place for optimized assessment. With Kahua's unique hierarchical structure, you can view data at any project or program level. Roll-up specific project information, such as costs and process data, to high-level reports and dashboards that allow you to identify trends, manage program funds, and view summarized statuses for more holistic management. Allow every member of your project team to see and understand program and project data. Get a detailed look at what's already happened, what's going on now, what might happen in the future, and what you can do to improve. Enable real time reporting in even the largest mega-projects — with no impact on system performance. Insights for Everyone 360° Project Views Reporting At Scale

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