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GOVERNMENT Government | 1 Benefits of Kahua's Single Source of Truth for Government Customers The world of construction management is simpler and more complex than it was at the beginning of the millennium. It is more complex because programs and projects have grown in scope, teams have expanded, and new regulations require the tracking of data and expenditures at an elevated level. But it is also simpler now because today's comprehensive, enterprise- wide technology eliminates the need for multiple point systems, disparate spreadsheets and disconnected processes. When government agencies are looking to update their construction management software for capital programs, chances are they're replacing a 15- or 20-year-old process. And that is the perfect time to experience a single-source-of-truth platform that allows them to track their progress accurately and easily across the enterprise of program portfolios. Often, due to budget constraints, many government agencies must contrive incongruous systems of data and process management, created in Excel spreadsheets, email and other niche systems because their original solution could not evolve. The possibility of a single source of truth is lost in 15 or 20 separate places! Being able to consolidate all apps, application programming interfaces (APIs) and data into that sole source provides tremendous value. Everything needed to manage Large, complex program portfolios generate an incredible amount of project data, documents, drawings and financial information. With projects continuing to grow in size, scope and complexity, it is harder than ever to manage all this information, ensuring stakeholders have the right information at the right time. A common data environment (CDE) is a cloud-based hub that organizes and securely distributes all of a project's or program's information, keeps it accessible and eliminates the need to manually manage thousands of files, emails, business processes and papers. This single source of truth is not a new concept. Born out of document control departments, there are examples of systems out there today, many architected and delivered in the 1990s and early 2000s. However, simply housing the information is not good enough. For a CDE to benefit an organization, it must connect three critical project components: scope, budget and schedule. By collecting, tracking and managing documents and data across these areas, a CDE delivers a sole source of truth across the project lifecycle to minimize risk, deliver accountability and ensure successful outcomes. With Kahua, you can integrate your accounting platforms (ERP) for seamless transition of data. All data is consolidated in one space for comprehensive, analytical reporting to help make smarter business decisions. JULY 2022

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