3 Constants to Get Through a Crisis

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Choose Kahua | Kahua is a leading provider of capital program and construction project management software, enabling innovation that is changing the way that capital programs are planned and delivered. Kahua's purpose-built solutions for owners, program managers and contractors enable rapid implementation that minimizes time-to-value and enhances user adoption. And with the industry's only low-code application platform, customers can easily customize existing Kahua apps or even build their own new apps to run their business at peak efficiency today and rapidly adapt as business conditions dictate. Want to learn more? Contact us today at: connect@kahua.com A crisis management plan is just as important as the risk mitigation plans built into each program. Even the best crisis management plan will never be foolproof. But the more owners set themselves up for success, the better chance a team can handle any issues that come along. Crises will continue to influence the construction industry. Preparing for them is becoming less of a choice and more of a necessity. Organizations who do not prime for crises will find themselves falling behind while those who do will be prepared when the inevitable crisis comes their way. 3 Demand Data Ownership Organizations need to understand what data ownership is and the risk of not having it. The construction industry has experienced the sunsetting of legacy project management systems, and data ownership has become a concern. Owners of legacy systems, and even new platforms, must have access to their data. Too often owners are not able to obtain data from their systems, leaving them with no insight on performance and pricing of closed projects. In addition, defending against lawsuits will require detailed data. Without proper ownership of data, owners could open themselves up to large payouts. Owning capital construction data allows organizations to: Independently access all data for programs - active and historical - without having to rely on vendors. Have the data in a meaningful format, not just a dump of every line of data ever entered in the system. www.kahua.com | connect@kahua.com

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