Protecting Your Data - Important Steps

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In 2020, the first year that Verizon examined the construction industry while building its Data Breach Investigation Report, it was revealed there were 57 total attempted breaches within construction companies, with 30 of those being successful. The report also shared that breach attempts occurred equally in small and large companies. A company's size does not exempt it from being attacked. Why would anyone want to steal construction data? For the simple reason that it houses sensitive information such as bid prices, cost estimates and intellectual property. Info at the individual level – such as payroll and timecard data – are also coveted details. These systems house social security numbers, bank details, dates of birth and addresses, all which hackers could use to wreak havoc on a person's life. Kahua's project management information system (PMIS) is a secure platform that includes security measures, so owners can have confidence that all security protocols have been addressed. Utilizing encryption technology and employing a hardware security module, Kahua has unrivaled security and reliability to protect data so organizations can operate at peak efficiency. So how can data be protected, especially when the industry is embarking on a journey of implementing modern online systems? Organizations should focus on two things:

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