All "Platforms" Are Not Created Equal

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E X E C U T I V E B R I E F ©2016 Kahua. All Rights Reserved E X E C U T I V E B R I E F What makes Kahua's PaaS offering so unique? The Kahua team is the same team that brought Constructware to the market, the first internet based project collaboration system. They had the vision to bring the industry from LAN based solutions to the internet in order to solve key collaboration issues. Today, they are at it again. By leveraging their extensive knowledge of internet-based collaboration technologies and their track record of innovation, they have solved many of today's key collaboration issues with Kahua. In Kahua, you'll find a number of key differentiators not found in other solutions on the market today: Conforms to Your Business Unlike other solutions on the market today that are rigid and force you into conforming your business processes to the software, the Kahua platform conforms to your business, enabling you to truly optimize your business processes. Collaboration that Adds Value to All Project Partners Most legacy project management applications are implemented using a Hub-and- Spoke model where one company, usually the general contractor or the owner, controls access to the system and data. With Kahua, each company has their own site meaning they can deploy configurable workflows, engage in the secure exchange of data and documents, and own a copy of the project record. Rapid Creation of Apps for your Business With Kahua, you have complete application development flexibility so you can address your constantly evolving demands in a timely manner. Focus only on the business process, because the applications you build automatically inherit all the functionality of the platform and ensures a common user experience across all applications, devices and projects. Dynamic Solution Change is the only constant and in the business world, the pace of change is often abrupt. Kahua is a dynamic solution that adapts easily and quickly as your business requirements change. All "Platforms" Are Note Created Equal Kahua: Reinventing Project Management & Collaboration

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