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Kahua | 1 SUBCONTRACTORS Increase Efficiency and Protect Your Bottom Line Subcontractors must be able to track projects closely to meet multiple demands. Subcontractors are always juggling. You are constantly working under tight deadlines that are often out of your control. Not to mention daily pressures of monitoring costs, minimizing delays, managing teams and reducing project risks. Sometimes, the possibility of not getting paid on time is very real. With over 133,000 active projects, Kahua's Program Management Information System has experience helping subcontractors meet these challenges. Leveraging decades of subcontractor experience, Kahua's Subcontractor Project Management was purpose-built by the founders of Project DocControl with the subcontractors' needs in mind. Keep your finger on the pulse of your business with summaries that capture high volumes of data across all your projects. Easily digestible reports give you superior insight into company performance so you can see the forest through the trees. Kahua's platform allows subcontractors to run business at peak efficiency so you can win more business, protect project margins and create a competitive advantage. "When operations can run smoother, subcontractors see big benefits and get big results." Document Management for Subcontractors: Change Order Requests Field Observations Daily Reports RFIs Submittals Work Orders Dashboards Communications • • • • • • • •

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