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2022 USE CASE LACROIX Group's LoRaWAN ® Smart Poles Reduce Risks and Costs for Telecom Operators LoRaWAN ® -ENABLED 'TILT' WARNINGS For telecom companies, utilities and cities, managing streetlights and maintaining network infrastructure can be a huge drain on resources. For instance, telecom wires, including ADSL and fiberoptic cables, are carried over land on telegraph poles. For any infrastructure using poles, the condition of the poles needs to be regularly checked by mobile maintenance crews – a time- consuming and expensive process. To address this challenge, LACROIX Group developed Smart Pole in collaboration with the French telecommunication company Orange. LoRaWAN®-enabled Smart Pole angle sensors are placed on each pole in the telecommunications network. The sensors give the operator an overview of each pole's status and notifies them if any poles begin to tilt. REDUCED COSTS, IMPROVED SERVICE Smart Pole sensors are compact, extremely simple to attach and quick to set up using an NFC app. Once installed, data is sent across the LoRaWAN ® network, giving the operator a complete map of all the poles in its network and showing the status of each one. The Smart Pole solution has several benefits. It reduces costs as maintenance crews no longer need to visually inspect poles. In addition, if a service outage occurs due to a fallen pole, the operator knows immediately which pole must be fixed and its location. As a result, the outage can be repaired more quickly, reducing downtime for customers. GREATER SAFETY LACROIX Group's Smart Pole solution instantly alerts operators if an infrastructure pole begins to tilt – even slightly. This enables the operator to plan preventative maintenance, which reduces the risk of poles falling and improves safety for the public. If a pole does fall, the operator can dispatch a repair team immediately. MARKET OPPORTUNITY The solution won Orange's Datavenue Challenge in 2021. It was originally developed for telecoms companies in Europe. However, it can be applied worldwide. LACROIX Group is also developing a similar solution for electricity poles. FULL COVERAGE WITH LORAWAN ® LoRaWAN® gives its Smart Pole solution two key benefits over other wireless networks: • LoRaWAN® provides extremely broad geographical coverage, which means the Smart Pole solution can cover a company's entire telecommunications network – even poles in remote rural locations. • As LoRaWAN® is low power, Smart Pole sensors can operate on batteries for ten years or more – reducing maintenance requirements. Smart Cities Europe Device LACROIX Group Tel: xxx Email: xxx

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