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2023 USE CASE Smart Poles with LoRaWAN Provide City-Wide Data and Services with Minimal Infrastructure Investment THE LoRaWAN ENABLED SMART CITY In a smart city, the urban landscape should be connected by an intelligent network of devices and sensors that collect real-time data and transmit it via cloud computing to citizens and decision makers. But how can you install these devices without investing in costly new infrastructure? One solution is to utilize existing lamp posts and equip them with LoRaWAN -enabled sensors and smart devices – transforming them into next-generation Smart Poles, with expanded capabilities. As lamp posts are distributed across a whole city, close to streets and accessible to pedestrians, this eliminates the need for new infrastructure to be built. A RANGE OF SERVICES FOR CITIZENS As well as data collection, Smart Poles can be set up to deliver beneficial services, such as providing 5G/Wi-Fi coverage within the immediate area, CCTV cameras for security and traffic management, and even an emergency button for citizens to call for help. Potential Smart Pole applications include: • 5G base station & WLAN • Low energy streetlights, activated by ambient light • Surveillance cameras • Traffic control and guidance systems • Speakers and info display screens • Charging points for drones • Charging points for electric vehicles • Contactless parking payment systems • Guidance systems for driverless cars Smart City Device A BETTER URBAN EXPERIENCE Thanks to inbuilt sensors and LoRaWAN -enabled connectivity, city-wide Smart Poles can provide decision makers with a wide range of real-time data on local and city- wide environmental conditions, including traffic flow, pollution levels, noise levels, air quality and weather. LoRaWAN ® is ideal for this type of application, due to its low power consumption, long transmission range and broad coverage. Data from Smart Poles can be used in many ways, for example: • Tracing and combatting localized sources of pollution • Rerouting traffic to reduce congestion • Planning routes for faster evacuation and response in an emergency • Flood control measure

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