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LORIOT and SNI Corrosion Detection Use Case

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2022 USE CASE Continuous Asset Integrity Monitoring to Detect Corrosion With Ultrasonic LoRaWAN ® Sensors SITUATION Metal loss due to corrosion or erosion in tanks, pipes, pressure vessels and other critical assets is a widespread issue in the Oil & Gas and Power industries. It can result in pressure containment loss, damaged assets, disrupted services, environmental harm, and regulatory non-compliance. The use of damaged equipment can be life-threatening to people. Asset inspections are mandated in regulations and codes and required for plant operations. At a US-based refinery, at least six unplanned outages that had occurred on an Amine Treating Unit over a 15-year period were traced back to a corrosion issue, at an estimated cost of ~US$12 million in maintenance and ~US$200 million in downtime. Corrosion at the unit had not been identified by field routine inspections that provided performance snapshots only once a month. SOLUTION Network Provider LORIOT and US-based Sensor Networks Inc (SNI) offer LoRaWAN® solutions to monitor industrial assets. LoRaWAN® transmits data within ~1 mile (1.6 km) in an industrial area or refinery and is well suited for 'noisy environments' where steel and concrete can block radio signals and where data is often stranded in on-premises SCADA & Process Control Networks without Internet connectivity. Automated, wireless, SNI microPIMS® Ultrasonic sensors have a 15-year battery life. They take daily wall thickness measurements at strategic asset locations, providing continuous asset integrity monitoring to detect corrosion. Smart Industry North America Device Maker CONTACT INFO: LORIOT: Sensor Network Inc: microPIMS: Email: or RESULTS Installing the sensors only took one day and was done by site personnel. The customer can now quickly and accurately trend the corrosion rate at each point where sensors are located within .001" and adjust process parameters to remediate or reduce the corrosion where needed. Data is automatically sent to a private webPIMS™, cloud-based or on-premises LoRaWAN® system and software backend and is plotted over time for predictive analytics, process optimization, and condition monitoring. After the installation of the US$40,000 microPIMS®, the unit was operated for 4.62 more years, saving US$4.8 million in maintenance costs, resulting in a 98% ROI and payback under 3 months.

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