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2022 USE CASE American Farm School of Thessaloniki IoT Network LoRaWAN ® DEVICES & GATEWAYS IN GREECE, FOR AGRICULTURE USE American Farm School IoT Network in numbers: 1 LoRaWAN net + cloud data platform with 223 digital LoRaWAN sensors are connected to 58 antennas (gateways) with coverage across 22 million acres of land in the regions of Thrace, Macedonia, Thessaly, Peloponnese, Crete with connecting capacity of 3,000 sensors ΤΗΕ "PRESPA ORGANIC BEANS" CASE Cultivation of irrigation needs by using LoRaWAN soil moisture sensors/nodes & gateways SITUATION Farmers are trying to improve their production and increase their income. They waste effort and money without having the expected results in the food market. In this effort, natural resources are also wasted for irrigation and soil fertilization. ISSUE Producers cannot plan and organize precise plans and plans for ideal cultivation practices. Even when they follow ideal organic practices, they cannot transfer this information to the food chain and ultimately to the consumer. SOLUTION Through the LoRaWAN sensors network, the data are collected in the CoreIoT cloud platform and the experts organize the cultivation instructions. At the same time, through the cluster InoFA (Internet of Food Alliance) of AFS, the information enriches the product in the process of traceability until it reaches the consumer. Sustainability Smart Agriculture Europe Network Provider Smartphone surface of CoreIoT cloud data platform

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