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Multitech New Boundary Tank Monitoring Use Case

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2023 USE CASE Remote Tank Monitoring With LoRaWAN ® Wireless Tank Sensors Reduces Costs and Improves Efficiency SITUATION Oil & Gas, Water & Wastewater, Food & Agriculture and Chemical industries often have geographically dispersed tanks across multiple sites. Checking fluid levels at each tank to prevent overfills and run outs requires regular inspections. Monitoring tanks manually can be costly and time-consuming and presents safety risks when performed in hazardous environments. Many companies don't want to deal with the complexity of developing IoT solutions themselves as it can be a costly and time-consuming process. They prefer flexible solutions that can adapt to their requirements and improve their business operations. System integrators want to deliver turnkey solutions that are easy and quick to configure, deploy and support. SOLUTION MultiTech, a global leader in LoRaWAN® and cellular technologies for IoT and New Boundary Technologies have partnered to provide LoRaWAN® solutions that wirelessly monitor all types of tanks and bins containing bulk liquids, solids or gases. The MultiTech Conduit® programmable gateway supports TankVista, a New Boundary Technologies' RemoteAware IoT application service. The comprehensive tank monitoring solution uses low-cost battery- powered wireless tank sensors to check fluid levels in multiple tanks and across multiple sites. Easy to use and quick to install, the solution provides real-time access to data, all accessible centrally from a phone, tablet or PC. Smart Industry North America Gateway Provider RESULTS Using LoRaWAN® MultiTech gateways and TankVista, customers can view thousands of tanks from anywhere, using a phone, tablet, or PC. Teams receive immediate text and e-mail alerts when user-defined levels are reached. This reduces unnecessary trips and manual readings, increases efficiencies and optimizes deliveries. The solution is market-ready with robust hardware and software that can be deployed in one-day without needing programming. MultiTech DeviceHQ® cloud-based device management tool allows easy remote configuration and updates for gateways in the field. CONTACT INFO MultiTech, Minnesota - USA New Boundary Technologies, Minnesota – USA

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