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2022 USE CASE LoRaWAN -Enabled Agriculture Machinery Monitoring Solution Lowers Operating Costs for Farmers HOW TO CREATE TIMELY MACHINE MONITORING? On a large farm, machinery such as tractors, harvesters and trucks, needs to be constantly monitored in order to ensure efficient operation, long life and cost management. Farmers need a wireless monitoring system that provides accurate real-time data on a machine's performance. This could enable farmers to realize savings on fuel and oil use, plan preventative maintenance and reduce delays from unexpected breakdowns. LoRaWAN FOR UNBEATABLE CONNECTIVITY AND COVERAGE Cutting-edge smart agriculture operator agroThings developed a LoRaWAN ® -enabled Agriculture Machine Monitoring Solution for large, remote farms. The solution is used in Bahia, an area of Brazil with a poor communications network. agroThings needed a communication solution that could connect multiple devices over a large area with diverse topography. agroThings chose to utilize LoRaWAN® and teamed up with OrbiWise, a European engineering company. OrbiWise's OrbiWAN LoRaWAN® Network Server provides connectivity for the Agriculture Machine Monitoring Solution where none previously existed. Key benefits are that it is: • Fast and simple to deploy • Fully connected with LoRaWAN ® Smart Agriculture South America Network Server COMPANY CONTACT INFO Scott Kubes: BETTER KPI MONITORING WITH LoRaWAN The Agriculture Machine Monitoring Solution consists of small monitoring devices placed within farm machinery and installed via the machine's CAN network. Collected data is sent over agroThings' Network, which is run by OrbiWise's OrbiWAN LoRaWAN Network Server. Measured key performance indicators include: • Location (via GPS) and total working hours • Torque • Oil pressure • Fuel level, pressure & temperature • Speed & RPM • Battery health • Engine Temperature An agroThings monitoring device (circled) mounted on a John Deere tractor

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