LoRaWAN Relay Frequent Asked Questions

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5177 Brandin Court, Frem ont, CA94538 | Tel: +1 510 -492-4 04 4 | Fax : +1 510-492-4 00 1 | www.lora-alli anc e . or g Relay FAQ Relay FAQ LoRaWAN relay was developed to create a battery-operated network extender for devices at the extreme edge of deployments. On Monday, October 3, 2022, we hosted a webinar on the relay specification and it generated a lot of questions. As we wait for the open-source implementation to become available, the FAQ below should help answer some of your questions. 1. Are any LoRaWAN relay devices commercially available? Not at this time, but since the specification is now publicly available, device makers could start developing their products and the LoRa Alliance will integrate Relay protocol extension into its certification process. 2. Does LoRaWAN relay create a new class of device? No, LoRaWAN relay is an add-on to Class A. 3. Is LoRaWAN relay visible to network servers? Yes, provided the network server is enabled with the relay. 4. If a relay device looks like an end-device, how will the network server know the difference between relayed and not relayed messages? The network server is capable to discriminate between messages that are and are not relayed, because the relayed messages will be sent to a dedicated Fport.

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