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2023 CASE STUDY EverSmart Air Monitoring Protects People and Artifacts at US University with LoRaWAN MEASURING AIR QUALITY ACROSS CAMPUS When a leading US university wanted to measure the air quality across its indoor spaces to help improve the wellbeing of staff, students and visitors, it implemented the LoRaWAN -enabled EverSmart Air solution from Microshare. The data from EverSmart Air not only helped improve indoor conditions at the university, but also saved its extensive collection of rare books and priceless artifacts from damage due to high humidity. ADVANCED DATA COLLECTION WITH LoRaWAN Part of Microshare's comprehensive EverSmart™ suite of data solutions, EverSmart Air measures CO 2 levels, humidity, temperature and other variables continuously inside a building. The data is collected via carefully placed sensors and is transferred to the cloud via a secure LoRaWAN network. It is made available to the building manager from a simple-to-use computer application. The system gives the building manager valuable real-time data on air quality, as well as trend analyses and industry benchmarks – so they can implement changes to improve the internal climate. PROTECTING RARE ARTIFACTS When EverSmart Air was implemented at a leading US university, it quickly became apparent that the university's HVAC settings meant that overnight humidity levels risked damaging rare books and artifacts stored in the library. Armed with this data, the university facilities team took corrective action. It also recalibrated humidity levels to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines to combat viral agents, such as flu and COVID-19. REDUCING THE SPREAD OF VIRUSES Studies show that improperly calibrated indoor temperature and humidity levels enable the spread of bacterium and viral infections. It can also lead to a buildup of CO 2 , a gas associated with higher absenteeism and lower productivity. To ensure the health and safety of building users, HVAC systems should be optimized using detailed air quality data collected from across the building. That's what you get with EverSmart Air. Benefits include: • Better health: Real-time data helps ensure indoor conditions are safe and healthy • Risk mitigation: Visible empirical data mitigates against potential complaints and lawsuits • Sustainability reporting: Data can be used to track building certification initiatives • Higher productivity: Good indoor conditions improve occupant productivity and reduce absenteeism Smart Buildings North America Solutions Provider COMPANY CONTACT INFO North America: Briana Carozza, EMEA: Simon Redgate, ABOUT MICROSHARE Microshare ® provides Smart Building data solutions at scale that bring safety, wellness, cost savings and sustainability to its clients' vital assets. Its EverSmart™ suite of solutions help lock in the lessons of COVID-19, while shedding new light on the true performance and utility of any real estate asset.

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