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2023 CASE STUDY Brunata's LoRaWAN -Enabled Water Leakage Monitoring System Saves Costs for Customers in Denmark EARLY LEAK ALARM SAVES BUILDING FROM EXTENSIVE WATER DAMAGE In the late summer of 2021, Brunata's Water Leakage Monitoring system detected high humidity in an empty apartment on the 4 th floor of the "House of Generations" residential complex in Aarhus, Denmark. An alarm was immediately sent to Bjarne Eis, Technical Coordinator at House of Generations. When Eis looked into the situation there was nothing to see. But a few days later, humidity in the apartment has risen to a critical level and a new alarm was triggered. Eis re-examined the engineering room and discovered the leak. ROI IN JUST SIX MONTHS Thanks to this early detection, a plumber could quickly fix the problem before it caused additional damage – saving the building's owners and residents considerable time and expense. At this point, House of Generations had been using Brunata's Water Leakage Monitoring system for six months – and the incident proved its value, as Eis explains. "Our investment has already paid off. Water damage like we had last summer could easily have run up a considerable bill if we had not discovered it in time," he says. THE HIGH COST OF UNDETECTED LEAKS As any building owner can tell you, plumbing leaks can cause extensive damage if left undetected – resulting in significant repair work and high expense. They can also have an impact on occupant health. Research shows that 41% of pipe breaks are not detected immediately. In fact, 61% of minor leaks or cracks are only discovered after a week or more. If left for just 24 hours, mold begins to grow, which can cause respiratory problems, asthma and allergies. As a result, building owners need a sensitive and reliable leak detection system to deliver early warning if humidity levels rise. To reduce installation and maintenance expenses, this system should be operated wirelessly and require minimal manual oversight. WATER LEAKAGE MONITORING WITH LoRaWAN Brunata's Water Leakage Monitoring system combines reliable sensors with wireless LoRaWAN connectivity to detect leaks quickly. The sensors monitor humidity levels within a building and send an alarm notification to the building manager if certain thresholds are exceeded. This continuous monitoring enables early intervention, reducing mold and potentially saving building owners thousands of dollars in repair work. Brunata uses a LoRaWAN network for wireless connectivity as it allows data from a large number of individual sensors to be collected. In addition, its low power consumption ensures longer battery life for Brunata's sensors. ABOUT BRUNATA Brunata, a part of Brunata Minol ZENNER Group, is one of Europe's leading specialists in intelligent energy metering, consumption accounts and IoT solutions that make everyday life easier for building residents, administrators and owners. Smart Buildings Europe Solution Provider Brunata Headquarter: Vesterlundvej 14 2730 Herlev, Denmark Contact

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