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Loriot Shell MachineMax Streamline Refineries

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The Power of LoRaWAN ® Shell's MachineMax Streamlines Refineries with LoRaWAN ® CHALLENGE : Unproductive idling of plant and machinery is responsible for higher fuel cost and emissions. Data from MachineMax shows an average operating time of machinery is 4.5 hours a day, of which 45% is idling time. As an example, the Shell Sarnia Manufacturing Centre has over 100 pieces of machinery on its 540 - acre site. Their main challenge was a lack of visibility into the machine's utilization, the CO2 impact, or hours worked. This lack of data made it difficult to streamline and improve operations. SOLUTION : MachineMax provides a LoRaWAN ® sensor which is attached with military - grade magnets and takes about 1 minute to interface with a computer. The sensor transmits real - time data indicating if the machinery is on, off, or idling and its GPS position. BENEFITS: A number of inefficiencies were identified, including the under utilization of several machines. This led to the decision to remove five vehicles from the fleet altogether and to reassign other Shell vehicles to other sites in order to streamline operations and reduce maintenance costs. Jason Kimball who is Maintenance, Construction and Turnaround Manager at Shell stated: "By taking the first five vehicles out of the fleet and reallocating around 10 others the MachineMax platform has already paid for itself for the next five years, and it has only been four months."

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