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Wyld Networks Boosts Honey Yields for Bayer

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2023 USE CASE Boosting Honey Yields and Pollination with LoRaWAN Ò Enabled Beehive Monitoring MAKING THE MOST OF EVERY SEED Bayer Crop Sciences is a multinational agricultural company dedicated to creating more sustainable and resilient food crops that help farmers improve yields and adapt to changing climatic conditions. The company has thousands of beehives around the globe, which are used to study how bee pollination rates affect crop performance. Bayer Crop Sciences employ sensors that monitor conditions within a beehive. However, as beehives are often placed in locations without cellular coverage, the company needed a network that could ensure connectivity, in even the most remote locations. Satellite IoT company, Wyld Networks created a solution, based on LoRaWAN Ò . WYLD NETWORKS' HYBRID LORAWAN Ò SOLUTION Wyld Networks' beehive monitoring solution utilizes LoRaWAN Ò technology to provide a network connection anywhere on the globe. • Small sensors collect data from within the beehives. • The data is relayed by Wyld Networks to nearby LoRaWAN Ò gateways. If gateways are unavailable, it is relayed to low Earth orbit (LEO) satellites operated by Eutelsat or Lacuna. • The data is passed to Wyld Networks' Wyld Fusion software platform and then to Bayer Crop Sciences' analytics platform. LoRaWAN Ò 's long range means the sensors can maintain connectivity to gateways or satellites, even in isolated areas. In addition, its low power consumption enables the sensors to operate for long periods (up to 5 years) without a battery change, which reduces costs and maintenance requirements. PROTECTING THE GLOBAL FOOD SUPPLY A major portion of the food we eat relies on pollination by bees. This makes bees essential to the global food supply. But, as climate change affects temperatures and conditions around the world, the global bee population is under threat. Beehives are very sensitive ecosystems. Small changes in the hive and the surrounding countryside can make a big difference to honey yield and pollination performance. To ensure a healthy bee population and crop growth, Bayer Crop Sciences beehive monitoring solution delivers accurate data on bee behavior and health within beehives. IMPROVING CROP POLLINATION The beehive monitoring solution developed by Bayer Crop Sciences and Wyld Networks puts essential data in the hands of beekeepers, including temperature, humidity, hive weight and how often the hive lid is opened. This has a number of benefits: • Beekeepers can adjust conditions based on accurate data to improve hive health • Better hive health leads to higher honey yields • Crop scientists can better understand how bee behavior effects crop pollination rates Smart Agriculture Worldwide Satellite IoT

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