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AWS Global Digital Skills Study  | The economic benefits of a tech-savvy workforce Respondents were recruited using an opt-in, online sample in each country. Thus, only workers and employers aged 18 and older who are internet users were included in this research. Workers were eligible to participate in the first section of the survey if they were employed in any way, and they were eligible for the digital skills section if they worked in a job that involved handling information and used a computer. This digital skills restriction terminated the survey for 4,601 respondents out of 31,576. For the employer survey, respondents were eligible if they were employed and indicated that they were a mid- or senior-level business leader, information technology (IT) leader, or IT decision-maker working in the private or public sector in an organization with at least five employees. For the digital skills section, employers were also required to employ workers that use a computer. This digital skills restriction terminated the survey for 502 respondents out of 9,130. The worker data are weighted to match national demographics in each of the selected countries of gender, age, race (U.S. only), Hispanic ethnicity (U.S. only), education, employment status and region (all except Singapore). Demographic weighting targets are based on the most recent Gallup World Poll data figures for online population aged 18 and older in each of the target markets. Gallup also created projection weights based on population figures for analyzing global, aggregate-level data, which were used for some analyses. The weighting process was as follows: • The base weights are set to 1 for all cases collected for the survey. • Gallup constructed post-stratification weights to correct for age, gender, education, region and employment status. For the U.S., race and Hispanic ethnicity were also adjusted through post- stratification. For Singapore, region was not included in post-stratification. • The weights obtained through the post-stratification step were further trimmed to avoid extreme small weights. The trimmed weights were then normalized to make sure they sum up to the number of completed interviews. • The normalized weights were further projected to the population size of adults (18 and older) with access to internet within each country. The population size is estimated with age 15 and older population size released by the World Bank (exception: U.S. age 15 and older population size is based on 2021 Current Population Survey) and estimated percentages of age 18 and older internet users among age 15 and older population based on 2021 Gallup World Poll estimates. Copyright © 2022 Gallup, Inc. All rights reserved. AWS_dsrprt_092922_kr 20

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