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AWS Global Digital Skills Study  | The economic benefits of a tech-savvy workforce Workers who use some level of digital skills in their job were segmented into three categories based on whether they use: - basic digital skills (e.g., email, word processing, social media posting) - intermediate digital skills (e.g., drag-and-drop website design, troubleshooting applications, data analysis) - advanced digital skills (e.g., cloud architecture or maintenance, software or application development, artificial intelligence and machine learning) As part of this study, Gallup also conducted a separate survey of managers responsible for hiring or managing IT activities at organizations employing digital workers. These workers and employers shared feedback on the ways they acquire, use and ultimately benefit from digital skills, as well as their perspectives on how emerging technologies — including artificial intelligence and blockchain — will play a role in their future careers and business operations. To validate and supplement income and revenue findings from both surveys, Gallup also used third-party datasets that provided detailed information about all advertised job vacancies between June 2021 and May 2022, totaling more than 100 million unique job postings. These data provided important macroeconomic context, such as the percentage of job postings that require any level of digital skills, as well as a robust assessment of current jobs' most commonly required digital skills. Results reveal a strong desire from digital workers to broaden their digital skill sets, as well as a heavy reliance on these skills by employers, which are likely to intensify in future years. The results also suggest that increased reliance on digital skills would result in myriad positive outcomes for all parties, including higher salaries and job satisfaction for the workers who use those skills, increased revenue and innovation for the organizations employing those workers, and strong economic growth for the countries in which they reside. Copyright © 2022 Gallup, Inc. All rights reserved. AWS_dsrprt_092922_kr 5

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