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Data sheet web application Variations and increased volatility that come with ever-evolving climate conditions impact how businesses prepare for, mitigate and manage their climate risk exposure. Maxar's ClimateDesk platform transforms disparate, global climate forecasts into easily usable and actionable insights for businesses preparing for future conditions. Based on peer-reviewed scientific methods and techniques developed by our team of expert climate scientists, ClimateDesk's web application, data services and information reports enable better understanding, preparation, planning and mitigation of climate risk exposure. ClimateDesk CLIMATEDESK SM GCI, ClimateDesk's interactive, web-based climate data visualization application, enables users to perform their own analysis, visualize climate insights, or analyze the curated predictive analytics prepared by Maxar's ClimateDesk experts. Explore and visualize trends on a graph for any climate variable, as well as view where user- defined thresholds are exceeded and where trends deviate from long-term climatological normals based on the high-resolution, global climate data in GCI. Features and benefits ■ Global coverage, updated daily from hundreds of climate model ensemble members ■ Globally consistent, long-term climate normals and anomalies ■ Reliable climate change projections from the latest IPCC sixth assessment report (AR6) state-of-the-art CMIP6 models ■ Unified climate forecasts and projections across time periods from two weeks out to the year 2100 ■ 24/7 consultation support ■ Geospatially enabled web application allows users to define custom locations and extract insights ■ Soware-as-a-Service (SaaS), cloud- based platform assures the user experience is secure, stable and scalable ■ Web application for visualizing information, performing analysis and reporting insights ■ Data extraction from the web application or via stand-alone data services Visualize core climate data for temperature, winds and precipitation on the map anywhere in the world using GCI's dynamic mapping interface. Calculate the risk posed by globally changing climate conditions with the GCI Insights Builder. Maxar's team of weather and climate experts aggregate large, disparate climate models and translate them into easily usable and actionable insights in one platform. ClimateDesk is adaptable to diverse workflows through a web application and programmatically accessible data services. ClimateDesk leverages authoritative climate data from national and international climate modeling centers and scientific institutions to better quantify uncertainty and provide probabilistic insights about changing climate risk for operational preparedness, financial and environmental reporting requirements, and asset exposure planning at sub- seasonal and seasonal forecast time horizons to the year 2100. Quantify and prepare for risk with climate data ■ Global Climate Interactive (GCI) web application ■ Data services: □ For integrations programmatic access and custom climate projects ■ Information reports: □ Energy and agricultural trader □ Asset- and area-specific reports upon request ClimateDesk's single interface simplifies access to three types of products:

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