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Watch your Contract Status for updates from the lender and use this key to understand what each type of status means for your contracts. You can access Contract Status from the main screen in these ways: Click Contract Status in the Quick Links Click Deals in the top menu, then Contract Status Click VIEW DETAILS in the Contract Status panel 3 Contract Status update reference guide: Contract Status Key F&I – Digital Contracting Contract Saved Pending Verification Pending Verification (eReview) Verified Verified with Warnings Verification Failed Verification Rejected Verification Expired Partially Signed Signed Contract Submitted Contract Received Docs Received Pending/Pending Docs Book/Funded Returned Contract data entry started but not submitted for verification. Waiting for a verification message from the lender. Lender is conducting eReview and will send Verified, Warning, Failed or Rejected message on completion. Contract is ready for signing. Dealer can edit/cancel to fix warnings or proceed with signing. Dealer can fix contract errors and resubmit or cancel and select another lender. Lender has rejected the contract verification data. Fix errors and resubmit or cancel and select another lender. Period for Verification has expired. Dealer must resubmit digital contract for verification. Not all required signatures have been captured on the document. All required signatures have been captured on the document. Dealer submitted digital contract for funding. Lender acknowledges the receipt of the digital contract. Lender has received the contract. Lender requires additional information. Lender has booked/funded the deal. Lender has returned the contract. Sally NewWheels Lender A John TestBuyer Lender B Emily DriveHappy Lender A Kevin DreamRider Lender B Brian AutoGuru Lender A David MotorHead Lender B The Power of One | Cox Automotive 1 2 Contract Status (includes icon and type) What the update means for your deal John TestBuyer Lender B Sally NewWheels Lender A

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