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2022 USE CASE Water2Milk Water Management System Saves Dairy Farmers Time and Money MANAGING WATER SYSTEMS REMOTELY WITH LoRaWAN Globally, dairy farming is responsible for as much as 20% of our freshwater consumption – mainly for pasture irrigation, cleaning of milking parlors and other areas, and drinking water for stock. For many farmers, this water is an expensive resource that has to be carefully managed. At the same time, disposal of dirty water is becoming more tightly regulated in many countries, and compliance needs to be fully documented. Water2Milk was set up to address this need. Providing a completely integrated water management system for dairy farms, Water2Milk utilizes LoRaWAN communication to give farmers full control over their water infrastructure and pasture irrigation systems from their smartphone or tablet. HOW WATER2MILK WORKS Sensors across the farm monitor various parameters, including flow speeds, pump operations, pressure levels, water flow in and out of the farm, and water levels in storage containers and lakes. In addition, switches on relevant pumps and valves can be remotely operated to redirect and control water flow, and turn irrigation on and off as needed. All data is sent via IoT Venture's LoRaWAN network and presented to the farmer on a simple-to-use app. LoRaWAN is essential to the success of the system: • Long communication range enables coverage in rural areas • Low power consumption means Water2Milk sensors and switches can run on solar power, lowering maintenance requirements • Two-way communication enables both data gathering and switch/pump control SMART WATER MANAGEMENT Farmers need up-to-date information on their farm's water infrastructure to reduce water use and labor costs, plan maintenance effectively, respond quickly to any issues, and ensure compliance with environmental reporting. HIGH ROI FOR DAIRY FARMERS Water2Milk is a LoRaWAN ® -enabled end-to-end solution from IoT Water, IoT Ventures and Dairy Farm Water Management Ltd. designed specifically for managing water systems on dairy farms. The comprehensive system provides multiple benefits to farmers: • Ensures high ROI by reducing water use, water costs and maintenance • Lowers labor costs associated with water infrastructure management • Remote operation of pumps and switches gives farmers full control of water flows across the farm • Improves maintenance planning • Early warning leak notifications reduce potential damage and repair costs of the water system – and improve maintenance planning • Simplifies environmental compliance and reporting, including regulations around water run-off, effluent fertilizing and water use from rivers and lakes Smart Agriculture Global Solutions Provider COMPANY CONTACT INFO Alex Burton

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