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2022 USE CASE GrainTec Storage Silo Monitoring Saves Costs for Farmers and Grain Suppliers with LoRaWAN THE GRAIN SILO CHALLENGE Remote monitoring of grain storage silos has proven a challenge for the agriculture industry for decades. The problem is how to check grain levels in a dark, locked silo. Weight scales are too hard to implement on such huge structures; and sonar has proven ineffective, as the grain doesn't reflect sound well enough. Now, IoT Ventures has partnered with GrainTec to come up with an end-to-end silo monitoring solution that employs LoRaWAN - enabled radar devices to accurately measure grain levels in real- time. HOW GRAINTEC WORKS Each silo is equipped with a solar-powered radar, which measures the grain level within the silo. This information is sent over IoT Venture's LoRaWAN network and presented to the farmer in GrainTec's simple-to-use app. LoRaWAN is essential to the solution. Even with radar, measuring grain levels inside a silo is difficult. However, as the LoRaWAN communications protocol enables two-way communication, the GrainTec team can remotely tune the radar to get accurate measurements on even the most challenging silo. In addition, the range and penetration provided by LoRaWAN means the solution can be deployed in remote rural areas without cellphone coverage. REDUCING COSTS AND SAFETY RISKS FOR FARMERS On many livestock farms, grain is the number one feedstock. If the grain silo runs empty, it can have a significant impact on animal health and welfare – and result in significant income reduction due to reduced milk production. To check levels inside the silo, the farmer has to climb the outside and peer in, a significant safety risk. If this is not done regularly, grain levels may run low and the farmer may need to place a last- minute order, which can be expensive. GrainTec overcomes this using LoRaWAN -enabled radar sensors. For the farmer, the solution has numerous benefits: • Better safety: The solution eliminates time and health risks associated with climbing silos • Improves grain supply: Real-time data and consumption warnings on grain levels mean the farmer never runs out • Improves income: Reduces likelihood of an interruption in supplemental feed due to run out • Lower costs: Predicted days to empty/Re-order notifications eliminate expensive last-minute ordering • Easier ordering: Data includes daily usage and fill schedules, making grain ordering more predictable • Low maintenance: Solar-powered solution does not require battery changes A BETTER SERVICE FROM GRAIN SUPPLIERS GrainTec also has benefits for grain suppliers. The data provided by GrainTec can be integrated into the grain supplier's order management system. As a result, they know in advance when a grain silo needs refilling – and can offer a 'never run out' service to their customers. This also enables the supplier to plan delivery schedules more accurately, which can significantly reduce workload and haulage costs when delivering to isolated farms. As a result of these benefits, many grain suppliers are now offering GrainTec to their customers as a value-adding solution. Smart Agriculture Worldwide Network Provider COMPANY CONTACT INFO

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