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Cost Optimization for HCGaming • There was two game SKU running in same structure, only the layout and configurations was different. • From previous disaster, customer turn on an hot-standing-by stack. • Customer migrate DB from EC2 to Aurora, complained about the cost increased. • Customer enabled the ASG for two main clusters. • For OPS' convenience, customer migrated RabbitMQ from EC2 to AmazonMQ. • Log files are piping into S3 and CloudWatch at the same time, since customer is learning to build CloudWatch Alarm, hook with SNS and Slack for OPS reason. • There was no complex logic in Analytics Services, those machines was running 7x24 but mostly idled. • Customer does not really understand why there is a queue before Analytics service and then after, since they now running daily and weekly report. • Data Ingest Services was running licensed package from other vendor, simply docker but running stand-alone for each server.

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