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AWS Mar 2023 News: How to Predict Accurately with Data, Analytics, AI & Machine Learning

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If you have any questions, please reach out to us at Best Regards, Amazon Web Services AWS on Twitter | AWS on Facebook | AWS on Twitch | AWS Blog | AWS Podcast We hope you enjoyed receiving this message. If you'd rather not receive future emails from Amazon Web Services, unsubscribe here . Amazon Web Services, Inc. is a subsidiary of, Inc. is a registered trademark of, Inc. This message was produced and distributed by Amazon Web Services Hong Kong Limited or its affiliates. You may contact us by replying to this email. © 2022, Amazon Web Services, Inc. or its affiliates. All rights reserved. View our privacy notice . Now you can easily find useful & relevant content you missed in the past. Visit AWS HK Newsletter Archive AWS Empowering Customer Success Recommended Events Learn how Expedia uses AWS technology to present relevant photos, reviews for each traveler with more than 99% accuracy & sub-millisecond latency on a platform that processes over 600 billion AI predictions a year powered by 70 petabytes of data. Learn More How Expedia Transforms Travel Industry with Data & AI Predictions AWS Data Innovation Web Day Register Now Learn from AWS experts on how a modern data strategy can support your present and future use cases. Apr 18 | 9:00-17:30 | Cantonese AWS Data Innovation Web Day Data Executive Forum with Herbert Chia Register Now (Limited Seats Only) Hear from the renowned Big Data Expert, Herbert Chia, and AWS Data Experts, on how to build your first Data Strategy to drive your business to sustainable growth. Apr 21 | 15:30-18:00 | Cantonese Amazon EMR Roadshow Newsletter Archive Register Now (Limited Seats Only) Join us at this in-person event to see how Amazon EMR can help you save 56% in operational costs, compared to self-managed big data environment. Apr 24 | 10:30-18:00 | Cantonese Amazon EMR Roadshow Data Executive Forum with Herbert Chia Service Highlights Experience the Power of No Code Analytics & Machine Learning How to Make Business Forecasts Easy & Accurate Now is the time to explore how AWS Glue Databrew & SageMaker Canvas enable no code analytics and machine learning to expedite decision making, predict customer churn, and optimize price & revenue. Machine learning-enabled accurate business outcome forecasting is for real. Discover how Amazon Forecast makes forecasting in retail & inventory and travel demand easy and accurate. Start Your Exploration Discover How Tech Buzz Drive Business Growth with Personalization Accelerating Machine Learning Innovation Through Security You will learn from this ebook how Amazon SageMaker security features help you meet the strict security requirements of machine learning workloads to innovate successfully. Download eBook This ebook shows you how machine learning helps create highly personalized and engaging customer experiences plus multiple use cases. Download eBook Accelerating Machine Learning Innovation Through Security Visit Now Discover How You Can Rely on Data, Analytics, and AI & Machine Learning to Make Accurate Predictions for Innovation Hong Kong AWS Newsletter March 2023

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