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Safeguard your dealership with secure document storage. Enhanced Compliance Storage ® The Power of One | Cox Automotive System-generated documents are automatically stored: Risk Based Pricing Notice Credit Bureau Authorization Credit Application Adverse Action Notice Out of Wallet Questions Customer Investigation Report 10k IRS Storage with Dealertrack Compliance PLUS Enhanced Compliance Storage. Store all Compliance system generated docs, plus: Dealertrack Aftermarket Contracts Deal-related stips and Driver's license, etc.) Darwin Menu and Aftermarket Contracts Digital Contract and funding package docs Ability to upload any deal file directly into storage Storage capacity 25 GB All Dealertrack Compliance long term storage includes storage for 5 years in all states and 7 years in California NEW! Add-on feature • Gives you the ability to upload all deal documents to one secure location. How Enhanced Compliance Storage can help your dealership: • • Retains and allows access to documents for state-mandated amount of time. • Keep an archive of all deals including the documents from deals that don't go through. Drag and drop file(s) here or Upload files Maximum file size cannot exceed 4MB. File types include JPG, PDF, and PNG. Secure Document Storage is Crucial to Your Business Protect your dealership by storing a record of credit pulls, applications and permissible purpose for deals that don't go through. Dead Deals

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