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Connecting a Smarter Planet Poultry Farms Use IoT Solution for Real - Time Supply Chain Insights • TEKTELIC is providing the LoRaWAN® connectivity for the PrognostiX UK's Poultry Sense IoT solution for real - time monitoring of environmental and health parameters on poultry farms in the UK and across Europe. • A network of sensors is deployed to assess key health and environment indicators such as weight, water consumption, temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels within poultry houses. • The End - to - End IoT solution combines innovative data collection technology with the knowledge of specialist vets, engineers and data analysts to bring together real - time data across both environmental and health parameters, which facilitates improvements in bird performance, economics and welfare. • The Poultry Sense solution has been deployed on enterprise level poultry farms, monitoring hundreds of thousands of chickens every day. The Poultry Sense IoT solution has provided effective oversight of environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, and CO2, as well as essential chicken health metrics such as average chicken weights in each monitored zone. This has allowed customers to detect harmful conditions earlier and take preventative measures to ensure bird welfare, which has resulted in happy, healthier chickens with low mortality.

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