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TEKTELIC and DMI Commercial Buildings Environmental Monitoring

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e DMI and TEKTELIC Environmental Monitoring Solution with LoRaWAN for Commercial Buildings SITUATION Environmental monitoring in commercial buildings has always been an important part of creating a healthy workplace. It can significantly improve the health, comfort, productivity, and safety of building occupants, as well as reduce energy consumption and operational costs. Regardless of the business or industry, it is essential that building managers are aware of environmental conditions at their worksites. This is not only about indoor air quality monitoring; it is about the indoor environment as a whole. One possible solution for environmental monitoring in commercial buildings is to use a combination of LoRaWAN - enabled wireless sensors and digital twin platforms. BENEFITS The TEKTELIC and DMI environmental monitoring system allows business owners to: • Optimize existing layouts • Reduce real estate needs • Reduce cleaning/maintenance frequency and expense in unused spaces Wireless LoRaWAN technology makes it possible for businesses to catch any anomalies, such as high temperatures or poor air quality, and regulate environmental conditions. 2023 USE CASE CHALLENGE One of the challenges in environmental monitoring is to cover large and remote spaces with reliable and accurate sensors that can transmit data in real time. Another challenge is to analyze and utilize the data effectively to optimize building performance and address environmental issues. The complexity of environmental monitoring may also inhibit the ability to assess environmental quality. SOLUTION TEKTELIC and the strategic systems integrator DMI have designed an effective environmental monitoring system based on LoRaWAN ® technology. DMI uses TEKTELIC VIVID sensors to monitor occupancy and air conditioning efficiency. When implementing the solution, the VIVID sensors are placed in: • Offices • Conference rooms • Reception desks • Bathrooms • Breakrooms, etc. The sensors determine when a space is occupied, as well as the occupancy duration and frequency. DMI's digital twin platform, Precision Reality, makes it simple for companies to assess the data in an easy-to-navigate layout. COMPANY CONTACT INFO TEKTELIC Communications, Calgary AB, Canada: Email: DMI, Dubuque, IA, the US: Smart Buildings Gateway Provider

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