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TEKTELIC Ag Analytics for Cider Apples and Hops

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Analytics for Smart Production of Cider Apples and Hops with LoRaWAN SITUATION Customers are becoming better informed and more aware of the environmental issues related to agriculture, such as: • Water consumption • Soil degradation • Greenhouse gas emissions • Waste generation At the same time, agricultural companies are facing increasing pressure from consumers, regulators, and investors to adopt more sustainable practices and demonstrate their environmental performance. BENEFITS The use of this LoRaWAN technology in Brook House Farm in Herefordshire in the UK shows how IoT can transform agriculture and make it more efficient and sustainable. At Brook House Farm, the solution enables the farmer to: • Reduce water bills • Lower energy costs • Reduce labor expenses The solution also helps farmers increase their yields, improve their crop quality, and reduce their environmental impact. Smart Agriculture Gateway 2023 USE CASE CHALLENGE The most frequent challenge farmers face is how to continuously monitor weather and soil conditions – and adjust irrigation accordingly. In the current market, it is not easy to find a smart agriculture solution that can handle all the necessary sensors and correlate all the measurements on one platform. LoRaWAN ® can enable smart agriculture by allowing farmers to collect data from the various sensors deployed in their fields and transmit that data to a unified cloud platform. SOLUTION TEKTELIC Communications, in partnership with Mockingbird Consulting, offers the LoRaWAN -enabled KIWI sensor. Once deployed, the sensor measures soil conditions, such as temperature and moisture, and monitors the ambient environment, including light, humidity, and air temperature. COMPANY CONTACT INFO TEKTELIC Communications, Calgary AB, Canada: Email: Mockingbird Consulting, Bromyard, UK Brook House Farm, Bromyard, UK:

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