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TEKTELIC LoRaWAN for Temperature Sensitive Vaccine

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LoRaWAN ® Solution for Temperature-Sensitive Vaccine Storage SITUATION After the initial COVID-19 pandemic, IoT solutions are being implemented to meet the rapidly evolving needs of the global population. From homes to workplaces and healthcare facilities, the use of IoT technology is enabling contact tracing, social distancing, and continuous health monitoring. However, distributing vaccines across the globe – especially to remote locations – remains a challenge. IoT is helping ensure that vaccine distribution is both effective and reliable. BENEFITS With the solution, medical centers, storage centers and pharmacies can track the temperature of vaccine storage on their phones in real time and receive notifications of abnormal temperatures. 2023 USE CASE CHALLENGE In an effort to combat the global pandemic, an alliance of the world's leading researchers and pharmaceutical companies collaborated to produce vaccines at an unprecedented rate. The next challenge was to distribute these vaccines throughout the world and ensure proper storage. This created the need for a reliable monitoring device that could track environmental conditions inside storage and freezer containers while in transit. SOLUTION Together with TEKTELIC, Pilot Things has developed a reliable solution to monitor real-time storage conditions while a vaccine is in transit. The solution includes: • LoRaWAN -enabled TUNDRA sensors • TEKTELIC KONA Micro Gateways for LoRaWAN • Pilot Things' Vaccine Guardian sensor app The solution connects and monitors refrigerators used to store medical supplies. It can be tailored to meet any need and ensures that data collection is never missed or delayed, even if the power goes out. COMPANY CONTACT INFO TEKTELIC Communications, Calgary AB, Canada: Email: Pilot Things: Cal-Chip: Cold Chain Monitoring Smart Logistics Gateway

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