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Morgan Sindall, goldeni, and TEKTELIC Solution Sustains Healthy IEQ with LoRaWAN SITUATION Creating a smart and healthy home and office environment is extremely important, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic. The world now understands just how important ambient air quality can be for a person's health and how crucial it is to sustain appropriate indoor environmental quality (IEQ). Poor IEQ can cause negative symptoms for building occupants, such as: • Headaches • Fatigue • Respiratory problems • Skin irritation • Allergies Therefore, it is important to monitor and improve the IEQ to create a healthy indoor environment. BENEFITS The partnership between Morgan Sindall, goldeni, and TEKTELIC has created a solution that enables homeowners and building managers to: • Obtain remote intelligence on building conditions • Better respond to energy efficiency issues within their homes • Alert service teams of any system faults before the building occupier is aware The solution supports the smart city revolution, by helping build a network of intelligent buildings for each borough, village, town, and city via IoT technology. 2023 USE CASE CHALLENGE In an indoor environment, a range of parameters, including temperature, humidity, CO 2 levels, and adequate ventilation, are directly tied to the overall wellbeing of building occupants. In the current market, there is a lack of low-cost, end-to-end solutions that are capable of ensuring every indoor space is a safe environment. Any solution developed to meet this need requires a user-friendly interface that gives the end user complete control. SOLUTION TEKTELIC and goldeni have put together the expertise and hardware to provide a LoRaWAN -enabled solution that gives home occupants insights into their home health, safety, and environmental impact. The solution was implemented by the construction and regeneration company Morgan Sindall Group. For the solution, Morgan Sindall chose LoRaWAN -enabled TEKTELIC COMFORT sensors. The solution makes it possible to: • Establish preventative building and asset maintenance services • Reduce property disrepair • Improve the energy efficiency of a home while reducing its impact on the environment COMPANY CONTACT INFO TEKTELIC Communications, Calgary AB, Canada: Email: goldeni, London, the UK: Morgan Sindall, London, the UK: Smart Buildings Gateway

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