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® Protocol Choice Determines Success: LoRaWAN ® Drives Business Value Copyright © 2021 LoRa Alliance ® and LoRaWAN ® are registered trademarks, used with permission. LoRa ® is a registered trademark of Semtech Corporation, used with permission. Visit to learn more. EASY TO SCALE for future growth by expanding value-add applications to an existing network ACCELERATED time to market after first design for fast ROI LONG RANGE AND LOW POWER device optimization–– not one or the other OUT-OF-THE-BOX SECURITY from device to network and application servers BUILT-IN FUTURE PROOFING with end-point device classes A + B + C and software updates over the air MARKET AND NETWORK FLEXIBILITY with choice of public, private and hybrid networks and capex and opex financial options LoRaWAN CERTIFICATION through the LoRa Alliance is the ONLY approved program to certify devices, which ensures that they will work as intended in all network conditions BROAD MEMBER ECOSYSTEM providing opportunities for collaboration and choice of multiple vendors LoRa ® Is the Best-of-Breed Radio Layer for Low Power Wide Area Networks The LoRaWAN Link Layer Protocol from the LoRa Alliance ® Combined with the LoRa Radio Offers Critical Benefits that the LoRa Radio and Proprietary Protocols Do Not The LoRa Alliance's LoRaWAN Standard Provides an Absolute Path for Businesses to Scale MAXIMIZES use of sub-gHz ISM bandwidth MAXIMUM BATTERY LIFE with up to 100X more efficiency RAPID SCALING with wide device availability and interoperability, and easy to add use cases to an already deployed network COST AND TIME SAVINGS because devices do not require individual design and re-redesign/customization for each network in which they are deployed CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENTS ensure LoRaWAN is always ready to address emerging and new market requirements STRONG ROI with a low cost to develop HUGE MARKET OPPORTUNITY LoRaWAN is designed specifically for the sensor-based massive IoT market

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