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The ultimate guide to developing an end-to-end data strategy

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19 Making security more strategic AWS has prioritized security since day one—with continuously protected, high-performing, resilient, and efficient infrastructure for your workloads and applications. World-class security experts who monitor the AWS infrastructure also build and maintain a broad selection of innovative security services—which can help simplify the complexities of your own security and regulatory requirements. AWS Security services and solutions can enable a mix of important advantages: • Getting to insights faster – Provide the right level of access to your resources at all times while maintaining confidence that your data is protected. AWS Security is built with performance in mind, so you get maximum protection and data governance that doesn't slow you down. • Reducing downtime – Tougher, more modern cloud security helps keep your enterprise moving, so you don't have to stop analyzing data to perform a discrete security process—it can be integrated into every step along the way. • Staying within your budget – AWS keeps security cost-effective and scales with the evolving needs of your security risks and requirements, protecting your organization's investments and its commitment to data initiatives. • Keeping your focus – From infrastructure to services, AWS is secure by taking security into account at every step along the way, so you can spend more time transforming data into better decisions that drive business results and less time worrying about security and governance. A history of unmatched reliability and security Amazon S3 Store and retrieve any amount of data with the best security AWS Lake Formation Build a secure data lake in days with fine-grained access control Multi-AZ Regions Ensure seamless failovers if an Availability Zone is disrupted

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