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The ultimate guide to developing an end-to-end data strategy

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3 Is there a proven data strategy? The answer is "Yes" The good news is that you don't have to reinvent the wheel. Organizations are already capturing the benefits of an end-to-end data strategy built on Amazon Web Services (AWS). For example, AstraZeneca is integrating and scaling its data and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities across the business to innovate faster to improve patient outcomes. With AWS Data services, they can now run more than 51 billion statistical tests in under 30 hours, facilitating delivery of genomic insights to drug discovery projects. BMW Group and many more manufacturers use data to optimize their supply chains and improve production capacity. And ENGIE, along with others in the energy sector, uses data to find new ways to reduce costs for its customers while meeting bold and aspirational sustainability goals. While the achievements are limitless, the central challenge is this: Many organizations are sitting on a treasure trove of data but don't know how to gain value from it. In this eBook, you will learn the fundamentals of building an end-to-end data strategy to keep up with your data needs now and in the future—enabling a sustainable advantage that comes from unlocking the value of your data. INTRODUCTION Data is the spark that leads to meaningful innovation 1 "Creating a data-driven culture,", March 31, 2022 Now more than ever, data is at the center of every application, process, and business decision. It's the genesis for modern invention, and in today's fast- changing and complicated landscape, how you put your organization's data to work can be the golden ticket to accelerating innovation, and accomplishing your organizational goals. The stakes are high. According to Forrester Research, organizations that have a system to promote data-driven insights are 140 percent more likely to create sustainable competitive advantage and 78 percent more likely to fuel a revenue growth environment. 1 With a pressing need to empower the entire organization to use data to make better, faster decisions that fuel new ideas and drive business agility, leaders are embracing a fundamental truth: The journey to innovation begins with data, and successfully becoming a data-driven organization begins by implementing an end-to-end data strategy.

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