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TEKTELIC and TWTG Collaboration Oil & Gas Asset Monitoring

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COMPANY CONTACT INFO TEKTELIC Communications, Calgary AB, Canada: Email: TWTG, LA Capelle a/d IJssel, The Netherlands: TEKTELIC and TWTG Develop Oil & Gas Asset Monitoring System with LoRaWAN SITUATION Oil and gas is one of the most significant sectors in the world in terms of capitalization, influence, and technology. Multinational oil and gas companies are responsible for numerous platforms, facilities, and refineries across the globe – and they must ensure proper maintenance is always performed. Using a smartly deployed Industrial IoT solution, these companies can ensure equipment performance and improve efficiency – and reduce risks and liabilities accordingly. In addition, by using Industrial IoT to monitor equipment and process data, companies can improve production throughput whilst reducing energy consumption and emissions. BENEFITS The blend of TEKTELIC and TWTG technologies creates an effective way of monitoring assets. The combination provides a foundation for creating an effective, future-proof IoT solution for the oil and gas industry, while also establishing new methods of preventive maintenance to help protect any oil and gas environment from unexpected disruption. The use of LoRaWAN helps ensure the solution is scalable and low-cost, minimizing network Total Cost of Ownership and improving coverage and capacity. 2023 USE CASE CHALLENGE Oil and gas companies need to automate the process of monitoring and collecting data from multiple points throughout vast and complex facilities. Traditionally, these processes were performed manually. At most facilities, they continue to be so. History has proven this is a highly ineffective way to check equipment safety, as it is time consuming and inconvenient. At the same time, the inability to perform continuous data monitoring increases risk in companies' processes. SOLUTION To address these challenges, TEKTELIC and TWTG have created a LoRaWAN ® -based solution to automate and digitize data collection across large and complex production and manufacturing operations. By deploying TEKTELIC KONA MACRO IoT Gateways for LoRaWAN ® in combination with TWTG's NEON sensors, oil and gas companies can monitor equipment continuously and collect data to improve efficiency and performance, while also enhancing safety and reducing downtime. Smart Industry Partnership Gateway Provider

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