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LoRaWAN -Enabled Smart Water Metering Solution Optimizes Water Use in Varazdin, Croatia SITUATION Water metering is essential for ensuring fair billing, efficient water management, and water conservation. However, traditional water metering methods have some limitations and challenges, such as manual reading, data errors, delayed detection of leaks, and low customer awareness. This situation creates the necessity to implement smart technology into the metering processes on both a building management and city level – using LoRaWAN as the communications protocol. BENEFITS With the LoRaWAN ® -enabled solution, the city of Varaždin has managed to: • Reduce the cost of water metering • Prevent leaks • Optimize water distribution around the city 2023 USE CASE CHALLENGE The world's urban population continues to grow. As a result, water scarcity is becoming a major problem for certain municipalities, governments, and utility operators around the world. Smart Metering Solutions can help to reduce the cost of meter readings and detect leakage in real-time. However, as many meters are placed deep inside manholes, where signal penetration is poor, only a carrier-grade gateway with optional antenna gain, and an external mushroom type of antenna can solve the challenge. SOLUTION TEKTELIC has partnered with Infrastruktura d.o.o. to provide a Smart Metering Solution in Varaždin, Croatia. Utilizing TEKTELIC's KONA Macro Gateways for LoRaWAN ® , the solution is ideal for operators and enterprises that require high scalability and low-cost. Infrastruktura deployed 1,000 water meters, built into manholes and apartment buildings. The solution enables Infrastruktura to: • Monitor water flow throughout the system and across distribution channels • Help detect leaks or problems to reduce water loss • Save energy by knowing how much water flow is needed for a particular distribution line COMPANY CONTACT INFO TEKTELIC Communications, Calgary AB, Canada: https:// Email: Infrastruktura d.o.o., Varaždin, Croatia Smart Utilities Europe Gateway

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