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Kahua | 1 Design Review Identify design review items by drawing set, sheet number, and section/detail Initiate Bluebeam® markups from files attached to design review items Extract Bluebeam annotations to auto-create Review Comments Create action items to distribute tasks and gather input from involved parties Collaborate back and forth using Kahua comments feature Craft final responses and send to the necessary parties for approval All construction projects equate to hundreds of thousands of documents and multiple teams collaborating at any given point. With so many people and so much information, it is easy to miscommunicate without the right processes in place. Lines get crossed, tasks are duplicated, and time is wasted. With better collaboration, teams can function in a cohesive manner. Kahua's project management information system streamlines and enhances the oversight of all construction documents requiring review and distribution, including drawings, models, specs and reports. Kahua's Design Review application automates the review process from identification of review items to decision and approval. This capability allows users to give clear and accurate feedback before sending for approval or marking complete. Additional features include: Kahua's flexible platform can easily conform workflows to the way you do business. With all your information in one place, you can gain early visibility to quickly mitigate risks of delays or changes so that your projects remain on time and on budget. By using the Design Review application, you will help ensure that all design comments are tracked and appropriately addressed so that nothing slips through the cracks. This leads to a more complete and coordinated set of construction documents, reducing the potential for changes during construction. • • • • • • JUN 2023

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