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TEKTELIC Lithuanian City Joins Smart City Movement

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Lithuanian City Uses LoRaWAN ® IoT to Join the Smart City Movement SITUATION Kaunas is the second-largest city in Lithuania. The country has been working for a considerable time to develop infrastructure and manage strategic issues for long-term development. This includes converting Kaunas into a smart city by integrating technology, research, and education into a single entity. The introduction of a LoRaWAN ® network as part of the city's smart technology solutions is the next logical step in Kaunas' development. BENEFITS This smart city project shows how inter-company collaboration can contribute to the creation of smart cities. Coordinators from Kauno energija's Smart City Program are now planning to help in the implementation of smart technologies in buildings, contribute to the digitalization of the city, and solve problems related to: • Global warming • Delayed apartment building renovations Local partnerships, like this one between TEKTELIC and Kauno energija, can bring major results, not only on a city level but also on country and global levels. 2023 USE CASE CHALLENGE Kaunas faces many different issues. The city has a deteriorating infrastructure, for instance, that makes the creation of smart buildings challenging, and it is currently experiencing a rapid increase in car numbers. With a growing population and economy, the city must consider environmental issues, especially air pollution and potential disruptions to the water supply. In addition, nearly 90% of residents are served by district heating, but there are challenges connected to the heating system. Considering problems with the water supply and power consumption, Kaunas needs to integrate a city-wide IoT network. SOLUTION Kauno energija and TEKTELIC are integrating a smart city solution for Kaunas. Using TEKTELIC KONA Macro IoT Gateways to create the necessary LoRaWAN ® network, the solution enables real-time data monitoring across large areas, simplifying the deployment of additional smart devices. The solution is designed to decrease the occurrence of operational errors by enabling early corrective measures and preventive maintenance. In this way, the LoRaWAN ® -based solution will enable Kauno energija to: • Lower operating expenses • Optimize energy management COMPANY CONTACT INFO TEKTELIC Communications, Calgary AB, Canada: Email: Kauno energija, Kaunas, Lithuania: Smart City Europe Gateway Provider

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