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2023 USE CASE Protecting New York City Condominiums from Water Damage with LoRaWAN ® When Systems Do Not Communicate Water-related losses in buildings have exponentially increased, leading insurance premiums to rise and resident dissatisfaction to grow when they incur costly losses and displacement. Many building management teams are choosing to install leak detection systems. One residential condominium in New York City discovered—the hard way—what can go wrong when each apartment installs a different system. Challenges with Multi-Vendor Deployments Six years into the condo's leak detection efforts, the residents, the board, and the building's management team noticed several challenges: • No fica ons. Each resident's leak detec on system no fied the super of a leak in a different manner. Some mes via constant texts un l a valve was shut-off; some mes with a phone call, or an unintelligible robocall. • Investment. Some residents invested significant amounts of money into technology created by businesses that then failed. Once the businesses were gone, their proprietary leak detec on systems were no longer func onal. Many of the systems were expensive. • Wi-Fi. Many residents' leak detec on systems relied upon Wi-Fi for connec vity; however, Wi-Fi proved unreliable, frequently requiring that the network and leak detec on system be reset and the monitors receive replacement ba eries. • Water damage. The systems were unreliable, allowing water damage to occur in some instances. Key Learning The condo wanted a system that was consistent, easy to use and understand, could be customized to their needs, and would not interfere with the building's Wi-Fi. Smart Buildings North America Solution Provider

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