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Building Owner Reduces Energy Consumption with LoRaWAN-Enabled Sensors from ELSYS

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2023 USE CASE Building Owner Reduces Energy Consumption with LoRaWAN -Enabled Sensors from ELSYS TAKING THE TEMPERATURE IN 22,000 APARTMENTS As one of the largest property rental firms in Sweden, Stockholmshem owns numerous residential buildings, providing homes for almost 60,000 tenants. Stockholmshem controls the heating in each apartment centrally – and heating is the company's single largest operating expense. Previously, Stockholmshem adjusted heating based on the outdoor temperature. However, this often resulted in individual apartments being either too hot or too cold. Stockholmshem's solution was to install ELSYS's LoRaWAN -enabled ERS2 Lite sensors in all of its 22,000 apartments. REDUCING COSTS BY 6% Placed in the hallway of each apartment, the ERS2 Lite sensor measures temperature and humidity. This data is transferred via a nearby LoRaWAN gateway to Stockholmshem's building operations system. Using this data, Stockholmshem can then adjust heating to ensure a steady indoor climate of around 20C in each apartment. The solution will improve indoor conditions for Stockholmshem´s tenants. When fully implemented, it will also reduce Stockholmshem´s heating costs by around 6% per year. REDUCING CARBON EMISSIONS Stockholmshem wants to become carbon neutral by 2030 and is striving to reduce carbon emissions across its operations. The LoRaWAN -enabled temperature monitoring system is a key measure in this work. With the sensor system, Stockholmshem has estimated a reduction of energy consumption from building heating by over 8,000 MWh per year, the equivalent of heating 1,200 fewer apartments. THE IDEAL SENSOR WITH LoRaWAN Stockholmshem chose ERS2 Lite sensors from ELSYS as they are discreet and small (just 76x76x23mm), making them ideal to install in many apartments. Importantly, the sensors are also LoRaWAN -enabled, which gives Stockholmshem two key benefits: • LoRaWAN ensures excellent penetration through building materials so no wires are required and the sensors are fast to install • LoRaWAN is low power, extending sensor battery life (10+ years) which lowers maintenance costs ABOUT ELSYS Formed in 2005 out of Umeå University's Department of Applied Physics and Electronics, ELSYS is one of the world's leading providers of LoRaWAN ® sensors, connected devices, and network solutions. Smart Building Europe Device Maker COMPANY CONTACT INFO +4690100500

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