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Carlo Gavazzi’s LoRaWAN®- Enabled Energy Monitoring Solution Improves Industrial Efficiency

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2023 USE CASE Carlo Gavazzi's LoRaWAN ® - Enabled Energy Monitoring Solution Improves Industrial Efficiency LOWER ENERGY USE AND EMISSIONS In large commercial buildings, industrial facilities and across cities, energy consumption is growing. To reduce costs and lower CO 2 emissions, building owners, facility managers and authorities need innovative solutions to reduce energy use. By gathering energy-usage data from multiple points, an EMS (Energy Management System) can provide the information needed to implement effective energy-efficiency plans. With such a system, energy managers can: • Gather data from a large number of meters over a wide area • Concentrate and aggregate data in a secure, automatic and cost-efficient way • Increase the energy awareness of end-users THE NEED FOR A WIRELESS SOLUTION Due to the great distances involved, large-scale energy monitoring systems need to be wireless. However, if the wrong wireless solution is chosen, installers can come across the following problems: • Communication issues due to obstacles and walls • Interference from other devices • Interoperability issues in multi-vendor environments • Cybersecurity issues • High operating costs ENERGY MONITORING WITH LoRaWAN Carlo Gavazzi has developed a full stack energy monitoring system composed of LoRaWAN certified devices, meters, submeters, and analyzers. The system takes measured variables from a wide number of end points and uses LoRaWAN technology to share data with the Energy Management Software, enabling users to take energy-aware decisions. The system uses Carlo Gavazzi's UWP-A endpoint adapter to enable the installer to: • Integrate a wide range of Carlo Gavazzi meters into an existing LoRaWAN network • Reduce time and installation costs with free UCS software, which enables easy and fast commissioning • Automatically select the best transmission parameters THE BEST WIRELESS SOLUTION Carlo Gavazzi chose LoRaWAN ® for its energy monitoring system for several reasons: • Low cost (less infrastructure and operating expenses) • Standardization and interoperability among certified products • Long range (up to 10 km in open air) • High security (embedded end-to-end AES128 encryption) • Reliable and scalable communication Smart Industry Europe & America Certified Device COMPANY CONTACT INFO Alessio Costantini, International Product Manager: Elena Vieceli, International Product Specialist:

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