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data sheet Features Emission detection* ■ Detection probability > 90% ■ Automated analysis using Maxar's WorldView-3 SWIR imagery Emission quantification* ■ Quantification level > 50 kilograms per hour (kg/hr) ■ Error estimation of +/- 20% Emission localization* ■ Peak concentration point accuracy < 5 m Detect, measure and locate methane emissions with MethaneIntel, Maxar's satellite-based emission monitoring solution. MethaneIntel leverages Maxar's WorldView-3 shortwave infrared (SWIR) sensor, a proprietary methane algorithm, photogrammetry and physics-based modeling to pinpoint methane emissions. This solution easily integrates into existing workflows through an API and/or data reports, enabling customers to meet environmental requirements, increase operational efficiency, and improve their environmental impact. MethaneIntel METHANEINTEL SM MethaneIntel applies a proprietary algorithm to all eight WorldView-3 SWIR bands to produce a methane concentration image, which helps pinpoint the location of the leak. This WorldView-3 image is zoomed in further to provide more detail about the location of the methane plume displayed in the MethaneIntel image. The yellow arrow points to what is believed to be the methane source: an unlit flare emitting gas. The image on the le is representative of other satellite imagery available. The image on the right is a WorldView-3 30 cm image with a methane plume detection. Maxar's high-resolution satellite imagery provides enough detail to pinpoint the source of the emission. *For large-area surveys without predefined areas of interest (AOIs), detection, measurement and localization performance may be impacted. Other satellites Maxar

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