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Kahua | 1 Portfolio Manager JUN 2023 Owner Management If you are managing a portfolio of projects, you must be able to view them from different perspectives. Too often programs are managed in separate spreadsheets with varying data fields, unable to be analyzed or provide a cohesive view of the entire portfolio. If there is a need to sort projects in a new way, it takes considerable time to find a path to provide this information. If a rigid system is being used, you may have some reporting capabilities but are limited in functionality. Kahua's program management information system (PMIS) allows organizations to effectively track projects of all sizes and see several angles of their programs in a single interface. Kahua's Portfolio Manager makes it easy to see various aspects of the portfolio of projects that you are managing. Whether you are looking to break down a capital program by years, view a complete set of projects being overseen by one division, see all the projects being done in one region or any other view required by your team, the hierarchical infrastructure allows for reporting for top-down and bottom-up visibility. Gather vital details from a quick glance without having to drill down into the files, saving you time and effort. Get detailed information from project teams on overall project health, status and detailed notes. Quickly see information such as change orders, project milestones, contracts, budgets, issues and other documents. If needed, these views can be exported to reports to show stakeholders. Supporting this functionality is Kahua's flexible platform, which enables organizations to adapt the system to how they run their business. Because the flexibility is built in, there is no need to submit a request ticket and wait for the change to be incorporated. Organizations can make Kahua their own. This is a capability unheard of by other PMIS providers in the construction industry. Explore the Benefits of Portfolio Manager ڞ

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