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2022 USE CASE HorseSafe Gives Horse Owners Lower Veterinary Bills and Greater Peace of Mind HORSE TRACKING WITH LoRaWAN Very few horse owners can stay with their horses every day of the year. In fact, on most days, the horses roam the fields in small herds, and only have contact with their owner when they come into the stables at night. As a result, many horse owners worry about their horses and need reassurance that they are okay. To address this need, IoT Ventures developed HorseSafe, an end-to-end solution that monitors the horse's location and behavior 24/7 – and uses LoRaWAN ® to transfer this data to the horse's owner via a simple-to-use app. KEY HEALTH DATA, 24/7 HorseSafe uses LoRaWAN ® -enabled monitoring devices, which a horse wears on its forehead in a small harness. The small device includes sensors for location tracking and measuring a variety of movements that help a user understand the horse's behavior – walking, trotting, cantering, eating and drinking – and when it might be getting sick. A CLOSER CONNECTION BETWEEN HORSE AND OWNER Owning a horse is a considerable investment, both financially and emotionally. HorseSafe provides owners with real-time data on their horse throughout the day. This gives them a closer connection to their horse and enables them to respond quickly if there are any issues, such as signs of colic, lameness, foaling, escape or being cast. • Location tracking protects against loss or theft • Wellness data notifies the owner of any potential issues before they become a problem, resulting in lower veterinary bills • Knowing the horse is okay gives greater peace of mind • Easy-to-use, low-maintenance solar-powered solution • Wide LoRaWAN ® coverage in stables, fields and surrounding countryside MACHINE LEARNING WITH 2-WAY LoRaWAN IoT Ventures chose LoRaWAN for HorseSafe as its superior performance and range make it possible to track horses on farms and over long distances. In addition, LoRaWAN enables two-way communication. This means HorseSafe devices can be optimized for individual horses. They can measure the horse's own unique behavior and notify the owner of any behavioral change that could indicate an issue. Smart Agriculture Worldwide Device Manufacturer COMPANY CONTACT INFO Tristan Wade

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