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Unlock new opportunities with the most innovative cloud Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) applications Innovate faster with the most comprehensive set of AI and ML services Gain deeper insights from your data, lower costs, and innovate with confidence. AWS offers the most comprehensive set of AI and ML services, infrastructure, and implementation resources to help you at every stage of your adoption journey. Join more than 100,000 AWS customers building on 20+ years of experience at AWS and address common business problems to improve customer experience, optimize business processes, and accelerate innovation. Learn how to select and configure your infrastructure for common ML use cases, read the Propel 4 Common Machine Learning Use Cases into Production eBook. Get started today 1. "New Report on Startups and Cyber Risk Explores Founder Perceptions on the Importance of Cyber Protection, Current Areas of Influence & Concern, and Key Investments for 2023", Business Wire, December 2022 2. "New Report on Startups and Cyber Risk Explores Founder Perceptions on the Importance of Cyber Protection, Current Areas of Influence & Concern, and Key Investments for 2023", Business Wire, December 2022 3. "Predictions for 2023: A make-or-break year for startups", Fast Company, 2023 4. "The Top 12 Reasons Why Startups Fail", CB Insights, 2022 5. "Disrupting the Traditional VC Model: VC Adaptations for Seed Investments", Kauffman Fellows, June 2014 Multiplayer gaming applications Run immersive multiplayer games securely in the cloud at scale Leverage AWS' global infrastructure and scalable compute to provide a low latency player experience globally. Build and operate games with security in mind, ensuring players have fun, safe experiences. Take advantage of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning to build, run, and grow more engaging and immersive games. Video streaming applications Offer highest-quality experience for live streaming and video on demand (VOD) content Build highly-available video streaming applications that deliver a reliable, real- time viewing experience. AWS' extensive global infrastructure allows you to offer a low-latency and consistent experience even when there are sharp peaks in demand. Built-in security at multiple layers helps protect content to guard against piracy and ensure only authorized viewers are allowed access to content. Why run your applications on AWS? Millions of customers, including large global enterprises, government organizations, and startups trust the capabilities, reliability, and security of AWS to run their most important applications, including mission-critical, enterprise, and cloud native applications, as well as the next generation of applications they need to accelerate their digital transformation. Customer facing mobile and web applications Build engaging applications for your customers to connect and interact with your business Whether you're running an interactive web application or a mobile ordering application, scale resources to meet demand, without over-provisioning. Deliver fast, reliable responses to keep customers engaged. AWS provides on-demand access to cost-effective, scalable compute, storage, databases, content delivery, cache, search, and other application services that make it easier to build and run applications that deliver a great customer experience. Technical priorities for startups Remove all limits on your ambition and create exciting new products and services in the cloud. Discover how AWS can help you build innovative applications and harness cloud infrastructure for scale, security, performance, and resilience. Top of mind for startups 68% 32% of founders have experienced a cyberattack on one of their businesses. 1 of founders are concerned about inflation in 2023. 2 35% 20% decline in venture capitalist funding compared to 2021. 3 of startup business failures are due to being outcompeted. 4 Security and reliability Protect data and offer uninterrupted services. Faster time to market Develop and launch new products and services faster. Scalability and efficiency Grow business rapidly while optimizing costs. Innovation and differentiation Invent and deliver differentiated customer experiences. Success story When launching its new PC game A Township Tale, Alta VR was looking for the right cloud provider to be able to scale fast, adding potentially thousands of new players daily seamlessly. With AWS, Alta VR's open-world role- playing game supports thousands of concurrent game sessions and delivers the same smooth playing experience all around the world. 20x capacity improvement automatically supporting spikes in online traffic Silicon Valley VC, Marc Andreessen has said that the AWS Cloud has helped to lower the cost of running a basic internet application from about $150,000 per month, to $1,500 per month – a 100x difference. 5 Success story Buildigo links homeowners and renters with local craftspeople who can work on their properties. To meet rapidly growing demand, it needed to scale its IT more quickly. Using AWS to run its customer-facing website, databases, data lake and development pipeline, Buildigo could scale and accommodate customer growth at speed. 4x rise Scaled to meet a rapid rise in customer demand Prevalent applications startups are running on AWS Success story Financial platform Money Forward Inc. offers an AI chatbot service, which uses tailored natural language processing (NLP) models to address the diverse needs of its corporate customers, but faced the challenge of cost and scalability. By adopting Amazon EC2 Inf1 instances, Money Forward reduced inference latency by 97 percent over comparable GPU-based instances, while reducing costs. When testing on Amazon EC2 Inf2 instances there were further performance improvements. 97% reduction in ML inference latency The most secure and reliable cloud for your applications AWS offers significantly more security, compliance, and governance capabilities than any other cloud provider so you can build and run your applications with confidence. Best value and performance from your infrastructure AWS continuously innovates to deliver the highest performance at lowest costs. With a broad range of services, purchasing options and tools to drive efficiency and cost optimization, you can save money and do more with less. AWS infrastructure and services wherever you need it With AWS, you can use the same infrastructure, services, and tools to build and run your applications wherever you need them – in the cloud, on-premises or at the edge. The most capabilities for your applications - today and tomorrow AWS offers the broadest and deepest choice of compute and storage, the fastest networking, broadest portfolio of databases, and over 200 services to build and run any type of application. Launch and grow your business quickly on AWS Learn more about AWS for Every Application › Explore AWS for startups › Success story With a spike in demand for its video storage, encoding, and delivery services (largely because of the pandemic), CineSend needed a robust solution to support this growth. CineSend was able to use a suite of AWS services to achieve this quickly, including solutions to secure file storage and delivery, antipiracy protection, and on-demand streaming. CineSend expanded its business across sectors and helped its customers deliver cutting-edge video experiences. 1,000% growth In CineSend's streaming business using AWS services With AWS, you can build, launch, and scale virtually any application – quickly, securely, and cost-effectively.

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